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Freelancing since 2011, I'm from the 3rd most populated city of World, MUMBAI! I designed my first site when I was 13. Later, I acquired more knowledge and now working in different areas of Web Development from back-end programming (PHP) to front-end engineering (HTML,CSS, JQuery/JavaScript & AJAX), User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) Design.

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So as to help you develop your business, beneath are some painstakingly chose territories on which I can take a shot at.

Website Development
Complete Website Development, starting with website front-end design to back-end programming.
Apps Development
Development of Apps for Mobiles and Tablets based on Android, iOS or Windows Platform.
Payment Gateway
Highly secured and trusted payment gateway mostly for e-commerce websites.
Development of all kind of module for WordPress which is most used CMS in World.
Domain Management
Domain Registration, Domain Renewal, Privacy Protection and Expiration Protection.
Website Hosting
Get the best top quality hosting service with affordability and reliability.


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Why PHP is so popular?

The Internet business has been changing various advancements for the improvement. Most web engineers pick PHP to plan their own site. The primary reason is it is an open-source server-side scripting language that gives diverse components. PHP is profoundly advantageous for its clients since it works with both Windows and Unix-based frameworks. PHP is considered […]

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